Recently, private-sector unions and Republican lawmakers supported a Wisconsin mining project. Democrats and public sector unions blocked it “so Governor Walker wouldn’t look good.” Environmentalism was the excuse. Like the Keystone Pipeline, the project will be revisited after the election.

The Obama administration tries to silence, not debate, opponents; it rejects criticism, blames others and calls critics (including “unelected” judges) “political.”

Aren¹t he and his appointee, Obamacare advocate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, “political?”

Obama demeans critics, defines media objectivity, and claims it would be “judicial activism” to rule against his “good” Obamacare law.

Wrong. “Activist” judges create new law. The former law school lecturer must know that reviewing federal statutes has been a judicial responsibility since Marbury v Madison (1803).

Justice Scalia’s judicial speech has been attacked.