Movies are a man’s favorite past time and a great way to entertain himself. Most people spend a lot of money every year either watching their favorite movies at theatres or spending chunks of money to buy or rent the movies from a local store nearby their house.


Today, we will provide with few options on how to select the right movies for you and how to use your iPhone effectively to watch unlimited movies and TV shows for minimal price:

Movie Box App

One of the most popular movie streaming and download apps, Movie Box is the best app out there for movies currently on the iOS app store. The app is available for download free of cost from the website and allows you to stream and download unlimited movies and your favorite episodes on your iPhone. Now, you don’t have to pay money to catch up with all the latest movie release. You can easily sit back at your home and enjoy them on your iPhone with the help of the Movie Box app.

Show Box App

ShowBox App provides you with another great alternative to the free Movie Box app. The app is full of all the latest and old movies, TV shows, songs, videos and movie trailers for your entertainment. Besides the long list of content, the media is available for you to download on your device in a number of different languages. Also, the app caters to everyone’s need by providing you with content in different genres to enjoy. You can download the app from the official download page on the Show Box app website.

iTunes App Store

The iTunes app store also provides with numerous latest media collection for rent or downloads on your iOS devices including iPad, iPhones, iPod and Mac. However, unlike the Show Box or Movie Box app, the iTunes app store charges you with subscription fee for renting or buying movies from them. The rented movies are available in your account for 30 days or 24 hours after your first watch whichever happens first while the movies you bought will be available throughout the validity of your iTunes account.


Netflix was one of the first services which bought movies or TV show streaming to the iPhones. Currently, over 50 million users are subscribed to the Netflix subscription which allows them to watch and stream movies for a price of $9.99 per month. Netflix provides you with variety of options to enjoy your night with unlimited latest and old movies and shows.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is one of the best movies streaming service available to people who like to watch TV channels and movies on the move. The Hulu Plus service cost $7.99 a month and allows you unlimited streaming for all your favorite channels on your iPhone or iPad. The Hulu Plus also offers a free one-week trial for every use and allows you the option to cancel the service at any time if you are not satisfied with the service.